That's enough! Climate protection now and for all!

Global climate strike on the 29th of November 2019

The “big leap” for climate protection was promised by the German government – yet, the grand coalition decided on an ineffective and socially unfair climate package. By means of the proposed measures it is impossible to stop global warming above the 1.5-degree limit – with devastating consequences: the climate catastrophe destroys the human livelihood and hits especially the poorest all over the globe.

We share the students’ indignation about the failure of the German government regarding climate politics:

“To sell this outcome as a success is a slap in the dace of everyone protesting for effective climate protection. (…) our society is far ahead of our government when it comes to climate protection. (…) we strike until you act!”

Therefore, we support the students’ call for the global climate strike on Friday, 29th of November. The protest and the demands of the students are important in order to stop the climate catastrophe. A coherent climate protection necessitates a fundamental socio-ecologic transformation – now!

Just a couple of days before the governments of the world meet in Chile for the International Climate Conference, we carry our protest on the streets. Just one week later, the persistence of the grand coalition will be decided also in relation to climate protection, when the SPD is meeting up for the mid-term review of the government.

The German government justifies its climate-related failure with the necessity to spare the people of the cost of coherent climate protection. We don’t accept cheap excuses for weak measures: climate protection and social policies may not be played off against each other. Therefore, for the first time, climate activists and environmental, developmental, social and welfare NGOs unite in order to show: climate protection and social justice are fundamentally linked. People of the global south as well as future generations need to be granted a future and climate justice! A socio-ecologic transformation is a huge opportunity for a fairer society – here and anywhere in the world!

Join us: Get on the streets on the 29th of November together with millions of people worldwide – directly in your town! Together we will protest for climate protection now and for all – it’s enough!

Climate protection and social justice are deeply linked

Therefore, we demand from the German government and parliament:

  • A law on climate protection, which adheres to the 1.5-degree limit of global warming. A framework law is necessary for a change in direction in climate politics - and for massive investments in climate-friendly infrastructure.
  • A social energy transition. This means: Exit from coal, oil and gas as quickly as possible and a turn towards 100 percent environmentally friendly renewable energies. Caps on renewable energy development need to be abolished, citizens should be able to participate in the energy transition. Electricity must be affordable for everyone – by means of reforms of social benefits and by means of a judicial framework, which strengthens energy conservation and efficiency.
  • Climate-friendly housing for all. A much higher number of buildings need to be renovated, heat supply in new constructions should be based by 100 percent on renewable energy. Landlords shall not use these improvements to enrich themselves at the expense of the tenants.
  • Climate-friendly and affordable mobility. The government must decide and introduce the exit of the combustion engine immediately – in accordance to the 1.5-degree limit. Climate-friendly alternatives, such as inclusive and preferably free public transport, mobility by train and bicycle need to be further developed quickly and massively -  and transportation by train needs to be much less expensive than transportation by plane. Simultaneously, regional infrastructure needs to be strengthened: short distances to day-cares, schools and doctors across the country reduce traffic and improve the lives of all.
  • A supportive social state, which takes care of everyone, even in matters of climate protection. The German government must guarantee a non-discriminatory basic income system, which protects against poverty and strengthens participation. If by means of basic child support, a solidary labour market or the restriction of co-payment in social care – social security needs to be achieved so that everyone can lead an eco-friendly life.
  • Available wealth and profits must be invested in the socio-ecologic transition. Necessary investments for socially just climate protection can be financed through the abolition of climate-damaging subsidies, through an effective CO2 price, revenues from the European emissions trading system as well as the redirection of European agricultural subsidies. Those who can pay more and who use more resources should contribute more to the transformation in a socially and ecologically fair tax system.